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April 15

Prioritization, how you could move from urgent to important by Max Eskell

Time is getting more and more precious each day.  Deciding where to focus your most valuable resource is getting harder and harder.  One solution is to get more efficient.  If you improve the speed at which you work, you can get more done.  While this works great in the short-term, there is a risk that […]

April 12

What can you learn from ‘The Effective Executive’ by Peter F. Drucker (2007, 154 pages)

Despite being written in 1967 the advice and guidance in this book could never be more relevant. Drucker outlines his five habits for the effective executive (that Jim Collins later uses as a basis for 8 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders). Drucker’s five habits are: Track, analyse and manage your time Focus on the outcome […]

April 07

Never check email in the morning by Julie Morgenstern (2005, 272 pages)

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