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February 12

What you could learn from ‘Practical Monitoring’ by Mike Julian (2017, 137 pages)

Modern software architecture makes finding what is going wrong more complex than ever before. in his book ‘Practical Monitoring’ Mike offers good advice on how to find and diagnose faults, failures and errors. Monitoring anti-patterns Tool obsession – think about the mission and goal, rather than the tool or approach Monitoring is a job – […]

November 17

What you could learn from ‘How Google Tests Software’ by James Whittaker (2012, 235 pages)

Google is one of the companies that are building and maintaining software at scale.¬† While many of Google’s applications are not life-critical, the world certainly notices any disruption.¬† These disruptions are surprisingly¬†rare, given the number of products, the quantity of code and the sheer number of developers.