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What you could learn from ‘The Innovation Book’ by Max McKeown (2014, 245 pages)

What is innovation? How do you and your company become more innovative?  How do you lead and manage creative people?  How to you turn your companies best ideas into reality? All of these questions are challenging for leaders in large organisations.  Max McKeown’s ‘The Innovation Book’ is an excellent resource to help you answer these […]

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Leadership hack 015 – balancing exploitation with exploration

Success only lasts so long.  If you, or your company, are successful others will imitate, and competition will erode your advantage.  Therefore, to remain successful, you need to capitalise on your current success, and use then redeploy the resources from this success and invest them where they while hopefully generate future growth. Exploitation is defined as ‘the action […]

fox October 14

Leadership hack 013 – be the fox and not the hedgehog

‘The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing’. Isaiah Berlin Are you someone who sees the world very clearly?  Do you have firmly held views one subject?  Or do you operate in shades of grey, where there are no right answers? The rise of popularism in politics is clear.  The US […]

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What you could learn from ‘On Innovation’ from HBR (2013, 171 pages)

If you do not update your business model and your products the market will conspire to erode your profitability as your products will descend down the life-cycle to their demise.   This decline can be stopped.  By renewing both your product and your business model, you can ensure that you remain competitive (see below).  Therefore, this act […]

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Leadership hack 012 – precision is not accuracy

No matter what the question is, getting a number as an answer is soothing.  Logic suggests that in order to have arrived at a number, someone must have done a calculation.  Numbers are clear, numbers are facts. However, while numbers can be very precise (e.g., 67,600), this does not mean that they are accurate.  Anyone […]

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What you could learn from ‘Ego is the Enemy’ by Ryan Holiday (2016, 217 pages)

How do you stay on a true course?  How do you deal with life’s successes and failure?  Philosophy has a few answers, and so does Ryan Holiday. In ‘Ego is the Enemy’ Ryan charts the three phases in his life – before success, success and failure.  Ryan draws on his experience, the experience of other to make […]

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Leadership hack 011 – Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men (and women)

We have rules for a reason.  They keep us safe.  You would not get onto a flight if you knew that the pilot was going ignore the aviation air rules during takeoff or landing.  However, what if something happens, something that is not in the rule book?  Or what happens if someone else breaks the rules? […]

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What you could learn from ‘Leading Quietly’ by Joseph Badaracco (2002,181 pages)

How do you change an organisation from within?  Some would propose heroics, battling hard to bring about the change needed.  Others suggest that success lies in a quieter form of influence.  Joseph is part of a growing body of academics and practitioner that suggest that leaders should avoid the ‘hero’ option, and seek to change people […]

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What could you learn from ‘Followership’ by Barbra Kellerman (2008, 261 pages)

“A leader is someone who has followers” Peter Drucker I am sure that you have done far more leadership training, than training on being a follower.  While teamwork, collaboration and cooperation are often key criteria in job descriptions and company mission statements, there seems to be little evidence that businesses are investing in building followers. In ‘Followership’ Barbra explores what […]

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What you could learn from ‘Leadership BS’ by Jerry Pfeffer (2015, 220 pages)

While leadership is difficult to define (see here), good leadership is hard to miss.  Like beauty, good leadership is subjective, depending as much on the observer and context, as much as it depends on the leader. In the book, Jeffrey takes on the five pillars of current leadership: modesty, authenticity, telling the truth, trust and […]

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Leadership hack – 010 beware the pendulum of leadership

Most organisations act to magnify the intent of their leaders.  The corporations of the last century, with clear hierarchies and control mechanisms, were designed to ensure that direction issued from the CEO and the board was understood and executed.    While the recent trends of decentralisation and empowerment have gone some way to reduce the role of leaders […]

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Leadership hack 009 – running a good meeting

Meetings are the bane of the modern world.  They are unsexy, and often very, very dull.  Many of us have so many meetings that we struggle to get any ‘real’ work done. One way to claw back time is to get rid of meetings.  While this nuclear option has its advocates (see here and here), unless […]