I spent over a decade in the military, and after spending a few years as a strategy and leadership consultant, I now lead teams building digital products.

Gettingbettereveryday.org is about reflecting on my experience so that I can get better every day. I hope that by sharing my thoughts I can help you to do the same.

All of the material on this website is of my own, and any opinions are purely mine.  I receive no money, goods or kind to post material on my site, but if you follow a link to Amazon and buy one of the books, I do get a little money, which is only spent on maintaining the site (WordPress fees etc), and extra money is donated to veteran charities.

If you are concerned with any of the material on my site, or just want to reach out, please find my details on the contact page.

For my book reviews, I only count pages of main text (I do not count notes, appendices, references etc.).  This may be why there is a discrepancy between how many pages I put in my blog titles and how many physical pages there are in these books.

I am also dyslexic so please go easy on my spelling…