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November 13

What you can learn from ‘Turn the Ship Around!’ by David Marquet (2012, 216 pages)

How do you truly empower your team? A lot has been said about empowerment and engagement (see three books I reviewed recently Team of Teams, Followership, and The Heart of Change).  What is different about David’s ‘Turn the Ship Around’ is that David uses his highly compelling personal story, turning around one of the worst performing submarines in […]

September 03

What you can learn from ‘BCG On Strategy’ by Carl Stern and Michael Deimler (2006, 403pages)

Strategy, like leadership, is a contested topic.  The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has a long history of innovation in strategy consulting, having been the powerhouse behind the growth share matrix, the experience curve, time-based competition and the rule of three and four. Perspectives, BCG’s publication, seeks to expose their latest thinking both within the company […]

April 22

What could you learn from ‘Serial Innovators’ by Claudio Fesser (2012, 169 pages)?

Nokia started by selling rubber boots, and then grew to be the largest mobile phone maker in the world, only to spectacularly collapse a few years later.  Apple was three months from bankruptcy.  Lehman Brothers was phenomenally successful, until 2008… Why do companies die and how do you keep them alive? In the book Serial Innovators, […]

April 12

What can you learn from ‘Made to Stick’ by Chip & Dan Heath (2008, 284 pages)

A fantastic precursor to ‘Switch’, this book sets out a framework for getting people to remember what you tell them. Using some compelling examples, Chip and Dan argue that humans remember stories more that statistics or logical arguments. Chip and Dan provide a useful framework for checking whether your story/idea is likely to ‘stick.’ 1. […]

April 12

What can you learn from ‘Nudge’ by Cass Sunstein & Richard Thaler (2009, 312 pages)

In their book ‘Nudge’, Thaler and Sunstein are among the first to set out the arguments for using behavioural insights to change (‘nudge’) people’s behaviour. By changing the context of a decision, they argue it is possible to reduce unhealthy or undesirable decisions. Their main arguments stem from making sure that choices are presented in […]

April 12

What you could learn from ‘On change management’ by Harvard Business Review (2011, 304 pages)

The book is a collection of ten of the most influential HBR article on change management. From Kotter’s ‘Leading Change’ to Heifetz’s ‘A Survival Guide for Leaders’, this book provides several alternative perspectives on why transformation or change efforts succeed or fail.  One of the key points of the book is that competing commitments may […]

April 12

What you can learn from ‘The Heart of Change’ by John Kotter (2012, 208 pages)

In The Heart of Change, John Kotter outlines his eight steps to make change stick. This is a good, short read, with a strong research foundation. As with much recent work on change, Kotter argues that you must appeal to feeling and emotions. In short, he argues that you must help people see, feel and […]