Change: Learn to Love It, Learn to Lead It by Richard Gerver (2013, 256 pages)

An interesting book, which uses stories to explain how leaders can create an environment which fosters and even encourages change.

While there are no frameworks, he advises leaders to be like a smartphone and load/remove ‘change apps’. Two of his top ‘apps’ are ‘constructive conflict’, and ‘find a purpose’. The first he sees as essential is encouraging innovation, creativity and engagement. The second he says can be a guiding star for decisions.

Richard also offers other advice for leaders.

Understand what your brand:
1. What do you stand for in the eyes of others?
2. Does my behaviour reflect this?

To develop your team:
1. Have a simple SMART target
1. Have a personal ‘trait’ target
3. Growth target, new skills or experience

How to communicate:
1. Have I communicated effectively?
2. Do other feel responsible for actions that need to follow?
3. Am I seeing the impact in the realisation of my vision?
(Also when you are briefing this for 2/3 of the time on what they are going to say)”

Do your best to encourage collaboration and to get individuals to see things from each other perspectives.  This can be done by deliberate ‘job swaps’ (which Stanley McCrystal also argues is great for innovation) or by getting people to fight each other’s arguments.

Lead by example:
1. Encourage taking risk
2. Encourage others
3. Allow change
4. Reward effort
5. Reflect – conduct an after action review”

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