What can you learn from ‘Made to Stick’ by Chip & Dan Heath (2008, 284 pages)

A fantastic precursor to ‘Switch’, this book sets out a framework for getting people to remember what you tell them. Using some compelling examples, Chip and Dan argue that humans remember stories more that statistics or logical arguments. Chip and Dan provide a useful framework for checking whether your story/idea is likely to ‘stick.’

1. Make it simple – one sentence that describes the core message in a compact way
2. Be unexpectedness – open a gap in knowledge and then fill it
3. Make actions concrete – use imagery and describe a postcard of the future state
4. Establish credibility – the idea needs to have its credentials
5. Use emotions – use powerful emotions such as disgust, fear, resentment & pride
6. Tell a story – people are built to find patterns and stories, find one that supports what you are trying to achieve

‘Made to Stick’ has taught me to focus more on how I deliver recommendations and information.

Amazon link – Made to Stick: Why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck

Link to the Heath Brother website