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April 12

What can you learn from ‘Made to Stick’ by Chip & Dan Heath (2008, 284 pages)

A fantastic precursor to ‘Switch’, this book sets out a framework for getting people to remember what you tell them. Using some compelling examples, Chip and Dan argue that humans remember stories more that statistics or logical arguments. Chip and Dan provide a useful framework for checking whether your story/idea is likely to ‘stick.’ 1. […]

April 12

What can you learn from ‘Talk like TED’ by Carmine Gallo (2014, 288pages)

‘Talk like Ted’ is a fantastic book for those looking to improve their ability to present, influence and create impact. Carmine Gallo combines her experience coaching CEOs and TED speakers and consolidates her advice into three areas (Emotional, Novel & Memorable) and nine tips. 1. Unleash the Master within (what are you passionate about) 2. […]