What can you learn from ‘The Effective Executive’ by Peter F. Drucker (2007, 154 pages)

Despite being written in 1967 the advice and guidance in this book could never be more relevant. Drucker outlines his five habits for the effective executive (that Jim Collins later uses as a basis for 8 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders).

Drucker’s five habits are:

  1. Track, analyse and manage your time
  2. Focus on the outcome and not the process
  3. Seek first and use someone’s strengths and then adapt the environment to mitigate their weaknesses
  4. Prioritise by importance and not urgency, and finally
  5. Make a very few important decision.

Drucker offers detailed advice for each of these, including excellent guidance on prioritisation and decision-making.

The biggest takeaway I have from this book it to focus on where I can contribute most effectively to the client and my colleges, and also how do I help others maximise their contribute.

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