April 12


What you could learn from ‘On change management’ by Harvard Business Review (2011, 304 pages)

The book is a collection of ten of the most influential HBR article on change management. From Kotter’s ‘Leading Change’ to Heifetz’s ‘A Survival Guide for Leaders’, this book provides several alternative perspectives on why transformation or change efforts succeed or fail.  One of the key points of the book is that competing commitments may explain why people don’t change.

While useful, this book and its contents must be treated with caution. Many of the articles are studies of single companies, and all of the articles are over ten years old (some are over twenty!). While there are gems are hidden within (A survival guide to leaders), much of the work has been updated or surpassed.


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Other points worth noting

Change planning (p38)
1. assess the challenges your company faces
2. what values are best for your challenges
3. ask employees and analyse results
4. revise
5. identify obstacles
6. remove obstacles

Leadership in change (p102)
1. operate in and above the fray (get on the balcony)
2. Court the uncommitted
3. Cook the conflict
4. Place work where it belongs
5. Manage yourself
6. Anchor yourself