What you could learn from ‘Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion’ by Noah Goldstein (2007, 232 pages)

Noah Goldstein consolidates hundreds of research articles and condenses them into 50 secrets of persuasion. Each ‘secret’ is told in a very compelling and digestible way. The writing is concise, with supporting evidence and examples. One of the key insights is the six universal principles of social influence (reciprocity, authority, commitment/consistency, scarcity, liking and social proof).

In summary a fantastic book for those interested in nudge, influence and sales.


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Other advice in the book of note

  • testimonials needs to be similar to target audience
  • use fear only if you have clear advice for how to solve the fear causing problem
  • be careful with gifts and articulate true value
  • don’t allow people to settle for middle/average
  • ask people to reflect on what you have done for them first, before you ask a favour
  • foot in the door – ask for somehting small first
  • name documents/initiatives after client
  • try and rhyme important messages
  • add because… to explain why people should do something
  • show progress already made (pre-fill coffee loyalty stamps)