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March 01

What you could learn from ‘The Business Case for Curiosity’ this months HBR (Sep/Oct 2018)

Re-evaluating incremental innovation Does 10X thinking work? Research of top consumer packaged good companies suggests not. When comparing two large companies (P&G and Reckitt Benckiser RB), RB had a much higher hit rate for new product innovation, despite the smaller R&D budget. The author argues this was due to RB focus on improvements to their […]

February 22

What you could learn from ‘The Hard Truth About Innovation’ HBR Jan/Feb19

Rivalry whets our appetite for risk Leaders can icnrease or decrease feeling of rivaly. The authoers aruge that when you want bold moves, you should increase the feeling of rivalry (e.g., pitting evenly matched employees against eachother). When you want to avoid mistakes, leaders should see to dampen rivalry. How did the CEO of Survey […]