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August 19

Leadership hack 004 – controlling the monkey

We all do it.  Someone questions the work that you have just completed or your thoughts on a topic or problem, and you feel the threatened.  You roll our eyes, become defensive or even worse, passive-aggressive.  Deep inside you know that your response is unhelpful, and does nothing to solve the problems you face or […]

June 06

What could you learn from ‘Decisive’ by Chip and Dan Heath (2014, 252 pages)

You make thousands of decisions each day.  Some are more important than others.  Research by many academics (for example, Daniel Kahneman, Gary Klein and Amos Tversky) has shown that the way you think, and your emotional state, play an enormous role in your decision-making ability. In their latest book,’Decisive’ Chip and dan Heath argue there four reasons […]

April 12

What can you learn from ‘Nudge’ by Cass Sunstein & Richard Thaler (2009, 312 pages)

In their book ‘Nudge’, Thaler and Sunstein are among the first to set out the arguments for using behavioural insights to change (‘nudge’) people’s behaviour. By changing the context of a decision, they argue it is possible to reduce unhealthy or undesirable decisions. Their main arguments stem from making sure that choices are presented in […]

April 12

What you can learn from ‘The Heart of Change’ by John Kotter (2012, 208 pages)

In The Heart of Change, John Kotter outlines his eight steps to make change stick. This is a good, short read, with a strong research foundation. As with much recent work on change, Kotter argues that you must appeal to feeling and emotions. In short, he argues that you must help people see, feel and […]

April 07

What could you learn from ‘Triggers’ by Marshall Goldsmith

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post. It can be deleted, or edited to make it your own.

April 07

What you could learn from ‘Switch: How to change things when change is hard’ by Chip and Dan Heath (2011, 320 pages)

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post. It can be deleted, or edited to make it your own.

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