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August 03

What you could learn from Scrum 101 by Lowe, Wyllie and Vara (2017, 126 pages)

Scrum 101 is a refreshingly clear, helpful guide to Scrum.  The book starts by explaining the Agile manifesto and principles directly and thankfully will little interpretation.  The book then situates Scrum within Agile by describing it as a framework for achieving the values and goal of Agile (a great description).  The book also outlines the […]

June 15

What you could learn from ‘Scrum A pocket guide’ by Gunther Verheyen (2013, 99 pages)

What you could learn from ‘Scrum A pocket guide’ by Gunther Verheyen (2013, 99 pages)

January 29

What you could learn from “Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction” by Chris Sims and Hillary Johnson (2012, 46 pages)

This is the best introduction to Scrum and Agile that I have read.  At 46 pages, if covers all the basics, specifically: The roles of: Product Owner Scrum Master Team Member The key events: Sprint planning Daily stand-up Story generation Sprint review Retrospective Read this book if you want to know the basics, or give […]

July 01

What you can learn from ‘Scrum – The art of doing twice the work in half the time’ by Jeff Sutherland (2014, 231 pages)

There any many who believe that the way we work in the modern world is broken.  Some people argue that modern work fails to allow workers to self-actualize (see Barry Schwartz TED talk) and others who argue that the processes we have in place are corrosive (see Huffington post article).  While there have been many suggestions of how […]