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March 24

What you could learn from ‘Infrastructure as Code’ by Kief Morris (2016, 326 pages)

Good book about modern software development are hard to find. Infrasturcre as code balance explaini the high-level pricnilpes with detail in a clear and compelling way. Infrastructure as code emphasises ‘consistent, repeatable routines for provision and changing systems and their configurations’. Changes are made to definitions, which are then automatically validated and cascaded across the […]

March 23

What you could learn from ‘Effective DevOps’ by Davis & Daniels (2016, 356 pages).

My advice is not to buy this book unless: You work in a large company that releases software less than one a week You have never heard of, or experienced DevOps I found this book very basic and too highly focused on culture. Much of the book is not aligned with other articles, book or […]

June 04

What you could learn from ‘Accelerate’ by Forsgren, Humble & Kim (2018, 200 pages)

There is a lot of opinion in the software development industry about what works.  Even though some of the insights are the result of decades of hard-won experience, humans are highly biased and context-dependent – we often think what works in one situation will keep on working, or will work great in an altogether different […]