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April 16

What you could learn from ‘Quick and Nimble’ by Adam Bryant (2014, 251 pages)

  “Innovation distinguishes between leaders and follower.” Steve Jobs Innovation is one of the strongest sources of competitive advantage.  Staying ahead of the competition allows you to explore new products, services, and business models while also making sure you are exploiting your existing offering. Adam Bryant offers 16 well thought and well-crafted pieces of advice […]

April 07

What could you learn from ‘Stand Out’ by Dorie Clark (2015, 198 pages)

With the rise of TED and similar platforms, becoming a ‘Thought Leader’ is now seen as a necessity for executives at all levels. Dorie Clark in her new book ‘Stand Out’ presents a three-part framework for getting noticed.  1. Find your breakthrough idea. 2. Building a following around your ideas. 3. Making it happen. Dorie, […]