What could you learn from ‘Stand Out’ by Dorie Clark (2015, 198 pages)

With the rise of TED and similar platforms, becoming a ‘Thought Leader’ is now seen as a necessity for executives at all levels. Dorie Clark in her new book ‘Stand Out’ presents a three-part framework for getting noticed. 

1. Find your breakthrough idea.
2. Building a following around your ideas.
3. Making it happen.

Dorie, the CEO of her communications consultancy, uses stories from her clients and friends to demonstrate the key fundamental about how to find and clarify your ‘big idea.’ She then offers advice on how to make new knowledge contributions to your chosen field (which she argues should be as narrow as possible), and then how to build a ‘followership,’ through communicating your ideas as widely as possible.

While the book relies much on anecdote, the stories are relevant and brief, while also reinforcing Dorie’s framework and argument.

In summary, a good book and you should read this if you are seeking to make your mark on the world, but are unsure where to start.

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