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July 08

Can leadership be defined? Part 6 – The answer

Over the last four posts, we have explored the four common definitions of leadership – person, process, results and position.  By analysing each of these, it is possible to show that each type of definition has both strengths and weakness. Leadership definitions which rely on a leader’s position while evident, are unhelpful.  By defining a leader […]

June 15

Can leadership be defined? Part 3 – What do person based definitions of leadership tell us? By Max Eskell

Even under the increased scrutiny of the modern world, there are still leaders who are able to command attention and who engender followership.  While Barak Obama and Christine Lagarde are great examples of charismatic leaders in positions of power, there are also examples of leaders who do not occupy formal leadership positions.  Take for example Malala Yousafzai, […]