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June 15

What you could learn from ‘Scrum A pocket guide’ by Gunther Verheyen (2013, 99 pages)

What you could learn from ‘Scrum A pocket guide’ by Gunther Verheyen (2013, 99 pages)

September 04

What you could learn from ‘Retail Banking Technology’ by Suresh Samudrala (2015, pages 2017)

Technology accounts for an average 25% of banks costs (Gartner IT budget 2017).   Legacy banking systems are horrendously complex.  Built up over decades, with multiple systems added, integrated and removed, CTOs have found it hard to justify the cost of modernizing core banking systems. In ‘Retail Banking Technology’ Suresh outlines and discusses the main […]

May 02

What you could learn from Code by Charles Petzold (2000, 364 pages)

In the book ‘Code – The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software’, Charles explains the basic concepts of how computers work.

May 11

Staying on the leading edge – Part 3. My top science and technology podcasts

The pace of technological advancement is still increasing.  In some industries, digitisation has crushed incumbent giants and spawned thousands of new entrants.  While some industries are emerging from this digital apocalypse, others are just starting to see that change is on the horizon. The following podcast will help you keep up-to-date with the latest science and the […]