Staying on the leading edge – Part 3. My top science and technology podcasts

The pace of technological advancement is still increasing.  In some industries, digitisation has crushed incumbent giants and spawned thousands of new entrants.  While some industries are emerging from this digital apocalypse, others are just starting to see that change is on the horizon.

The following podcast will help you keep up-to-date with the latest science and the resulting technology that it produces.

The Economist: Babbage (weekly) is a short podcast which discusses the impact of science and technology on business and the general public.  Concise and focused, this is a great podcast for quick insights into the top tech story of the week.

The Nacked Scientists Podcast (weekly) covers a broad variety of scientific topics, with one topic covered in more detail.  The presenters are scientists with an excellent ability to translate complex scientific knowledge for nonscientists.  A great podcast if you have a little more time, and want an overview of interesting cutting edge science.

Click (BBC weekly) is a technology podcast where the two presenters discuss the latest digital tech news.  Hight quality guests provide insight, and the two presenters are great at presenting multiple perspectives.  A great podcast for those who want to listen to an in-depth debate about the latest trends in digital technology.

Hidden Brain (NPR weekly) focuses on behavioural science.  Addressing a different topic each week, the team dissect a common behavioural topic or theme.  High calibre guests provide gravity, and the team often conduct their experiments themselves.  An interesting podcast, this will help you understand why people are not rational actors and why homo economics does not exist.