What you could learn from ‘Leaders Eat Last’ by Simon Sinek (2014, 216 pages)

Why are so many people miserable in their jobs?  Why does job engagement remain so low in the western world?

In Simon’s book, he argues that there are two fundamental rules of corporate culture:

  • Company outcome is dependent on culture
  • Company culture is dependent on the leader

Simon argues that leaders are so important as it is their behaviour which affects how followers behave.  If leaders create a ‘circle of safety’, followers feel safe and secure.  As a result, followers feel free to cooperate and innovate.  If leaders do not provide this safety, then followers focus on protecting themselves, and not the organisations goals.

Simon goes on to offer more tactical advice for leaders:

  1. Bring people together – physically
  2. Keep is manageable less than 150 people (Dunbar)
  3. Meet the people you help (followers and customers)
  4. Given them time not just money
  5. Be patient

Leaders Eat Last is a fantastic book offering great insights.  By focusing on what followers need, rather than what leaders do, Simon adds a new perspective on the role of a leader and where they add value.
Amazon link – Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t