May 17


How to stay on the leading edge – Part 4. My top money podcasts by Max Eskell

In 2008, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth attended an event at the prestigious London School of Economics.  When the discussion turned to the financial crisis, the Queen asked, “why did nobody notice?”.  The gathered economic professors, as well as the great and the good from many public and private financial institutions, could not answer her.

The following podcasts attempt to offer a better balance of perspectives on the world of finance and the role of money in our society.

Planet Money (NPR weekly) addresses one topic each week.  While at first the topic many of the topics seem to have little to do with the world of finance or money, it soon becomes apparent that economic forces underly everything we do.  Very well produced, this podcast is great at making you think differently about finance and economics.

The Economist: Money Talks (weekly) discusses the most important topics in finance and economics.  Short and punchy, this podcast is great for those with little time.

FT Banking Weekly (weekly) is more focused on finance and banking than economics.  However, this podcast is helpful as the it ensures that the detailed and balanced analysis is set within the context of contemporary business.

Money Box (BBC weekly) is more UK focused and is great for people interested in the impact of public policy on business and individual finances.