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September 04

What you could learn from ‘Retail Banking Technology’ by Suresh Samudrala (2015, pages 2017)

Technology accounts for an average 25% of banks costs (Gartner IT budget 2017).   Legacy banking systems are horrendously complex.  Built up over decades, with multiple systems added, integrated and removed, CTOs have found it hard to justify the cost of modernizing core banking systems. In ‘Retail Banking Technology’ Suresh outlines and discusses the main […]

August 29

What you could learn from ‘The FinTech Book’ by Susanne Chishti and Janos Barberis (2016, 300 pages)

The Fintech book explores the FinTech landscape in more detail. FinTech Themes discuss how collaboration, identity, design & UX are increasingly important and how the big tech companies are likely to get into finance. FinTech Hub compares and contrasts the various locations which seem to be spawning growth, for example, the rise of London and Singapore. […]

May 17

How to stay on the leading edge – Part 4. My top money podcasts by Max Eskell

In 2008, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth attended an event at the prestigious London School of Economics.  When the discussion turned to the financial crisis, the Queen asked, “why did nobody notice?”.  The gathered economic professors, as well as the great and the good from many public and private financial institutions, could not answer her. The following […]