August 29


What you could learn from ‘The FinTech Book’ by Susanne Chishti and Janos Barberis (2016, 300 pages)

The Fintech book explores the FinTech landscape in more detail.

FinTech Themes discuss how collaboration, identity, design & UX are increasingly important and how the big tech companies are likely to get into finance.

FinTech Hub compares and contrasts the various locations which seem to be spawning growth, for example, the rise of London and Singapore.

Emerging markets and Social Impact explores what FinTech is doing for the billions of people without access to banking.

FinTech Solutions outlines how technology and big data are likely to drive changes in B2B finance, Point of Sales, retail banking, and regulation.

Capital & Investment looks as how the raising of capital is likely to change, specifically the growth in crowd funding.

Enterprise Innovation explores the barriers and constraints facing incumbent banks, and how they are increasingly likely to partner with tech companies and start-ups.

Crypto currencies show that banks are likely to face threats from crypto currencies, but a few will see them as an opportunity.

The future of FinTech provides possible future examples of some of the more interesting themes

The Fintech book does a good job of exploring what Fintech is and how it is likely to evolve.  Read this book to get an overview or general understanding of FinTEch.

You can find the FinTech book here on Amazon UK.