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November 29

What you can learn from ‘Innovation’ by Richard Foster (1986, 267 pages)

‘Innovation – The Attacker’s Advantage‘ is an old book.  Written in 1986, the author talks about the rise of compact disks and the new science of biotechnology.  However, there is much to be learned from this book. One of the main points that this book makes, is that all technology has its natural limits and […]

November 04

What you could learn from ‘The Strategy Book’ by Max McKeown (2012, 226 pages)

  “Strategy is about moving from where you are to where you want to be.  Smart strategy is the shortest route to desirable ends with available means.” Max McKeown Strategy, historically a Greek military term (see below), is now used very loosely to describe any plan of action to achieve a long term aim (see here). In […]

September 03

What you can learn from ‘BCG On Strategy’ by Carl Stern and Michael Deimler (2006, 403pages)

Strategy, like leadership, is a contested topic.  The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has a long history of innovation in strategy consulting, having been the powerhouse behind the growth share matrix, the experience curve, time-based competition and the rule of three and four. Perspectives, BCG’s publication, seeks to expose their latest thinking both within the company […]