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March 15

What you could learn from ‘Turning the Flywheel’ by Jim Collins (2019, 37 pages)

How do great companies succeed? What drives exponential growth in some companies and not others? In his book ‘Turning the Flywheel’ Jim Collins builds on his earlier work (Good to Great, How the Might Fall and Built to Last), and suggest that these great companies have managed to identify a series of reinforcing steps which […]

July 30

What you could learn from ‘Agile at Scale’ this months HBR (May/Jun 18)

In brief analysis of the top articles in the most recent Harvard Business Review.

July 27

What you could learn from ‘Agile at Scale’ this months HBR (May/Jun 18)

In brief analysis of the top articles in the most recent Harvard Business Review.

November 04

What you could learn from ‘The Strategy Book’ by Max McKeown (2012, 226 pages)

  “Strategy is about moving from where you are to where you want to be.  Smart strategy is the shortest route to desirable ends with available means.” Max McKeown Strategy, historically a Greek military term (see below), is now used very loosely to describe any plan of action to achieve a long term aim (see here). In […]

October 21

Leadership hack 013 – balancing exploitation with exploration

Success only lasts so long.  If you, or your company, are successful others will imitate, and competition will erode your advantage.  Therefore, to remain successful, you need to capitalise on your current success, and use then redeploy the resources from this success and invest them where they while hopefully generate future growth. Exploitation is defined as ‘the action […]

September 12

What you could learn from Frugal Innovation: How to do better with less by Navi Radjou & Jaideep Prabhu (2016, 220 pages)

Everyone wants to be seen as innovative.  Innovation has been one of the top business buzz words over the last few years.  Once the preserve of multination corporations and their huge Research & Development (R&D) Labs, innovation has been transformed by technology firms and startups who are able  to innovate faster, and with fewer resources. […]

June 24

What could you learn from ‘No Ordinary Disruption’ by Richard Dobbs, James Manyika & Jonathan Woetzel (2015, 207 pages)

The world is changing. This platitude often trotted out by politicians, media pundits and people in business, is both tautologist and useless.  The world has always changed, but change creates both challenges and opportunities.  By understanding and anticipating change, you can reduce the risk of disruption and position yourself to grasp opportunities. In ‘No Ordinary Disruption’ […]

May 29

Blue Ocean Strategy by Can Kim and Renee Mauborgne (2015, 224 pages)

How do you prepare for disruption?  How to you continue to grow when everyone else is fighting for the same customers? Can and Renne argue that companies need to find new customers and new markets to order to avoid being caught up in ever increasing competition in existing markets. The authors present the following framework as a […]