Never check email in the morning by Julie Morgenstern (2005, 272 pages)

Finding the time to focus on what matters is hard for everyone in modern life. Our bosses, colleges, and multiple devices all clamour for our attention.

Julie, in her book ‘Never Read Email in the Morning’, sets out a way to maximise productivity through nine key values. Julie uses examples from her career as a coach, to tell compelling stories which elaborate and reinforce each of these values. These values are:

1. Embrace work/life balance
2. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset
3. Choose the most important tasks
4. Create the time to get things done
5. Control the time nibblers
6. Organise at the speed of change
7. Master delegation
8. Work well with others
9. Leverage your value

This book offers great advice for anyone who wants to transition from reacting to events, to proactively focusing on where you can add the most value.

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