What you can learn from ‘Decode and Conquer’ by Lewis C. Lin (2013, 202 pages)

In his book ‘Decode and Conquer’, Lewis breaks down the separate roles of the Product Owner.

His advice includes:

Have a clear set of criteria for design (he likes Dieter Rams), these should be three of four criteria that you use to evaluate other/your designs

The CIRCLES method of analysing design

  • Comprehend situation (what, who, why, when, where and how)
  • Report the Customer’s Needs (use personas)
  • Cut through, prioritisation (evaluate against clear criteria)
  • List solutions
  • Evaluate tradeoffs (evaluate pro/cons)
  • Summarise your recommendations

The five steps to design:

  • Identify clear goals & constraints
  • Develop users & use cases
  • Prioritise features (clear criteria)
  • Brainstorm solutions

Metrics AARM

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Monetization

Strategy use Porters Five forces

  • Buying power
  • The threat of new entrants
  • Supplier power
  • Substitute products
  • Rivalry among existing firms

There are many books available on product management/leadership.  This book stands out, mainly due to the Circles method of analysis.  Read this book for an introduction/recap on creating customer focused products.

You can buy Decode and Conquer on Amazon UK here.