October 31

What could you learn from ‘Ambidextrous Leadership Driving Strategic Innovation’ by Maria Potoroczyn (2013, 100 pages)

Balancing exploitation and exploration is a critical for business (see here).  Maria argues that Ambidextrous leadership is needed to balance the requirements of exploitation and exploration.

In her dissertation, Maria exposes the conflict present in many organisations – the need to drive innovation initiatives, as well as maintain the profitability of core business.  She goes further and argues that exploitation and exploration require different skills, capabilities and mindsets.  On the one hand, exploitation seeks efficiency, minimising risks, consistency and a short time horizon, while innovation requires creativity, slack and a longer time horizon.

Through exploring her own experience as a management consultant Maria offers her own perspective.  While the literature review is useful, the dissertation fails to add any new material to the debate on innovation.

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