September 06

My top business of 2017

I try to read a book a week.  In 2017 I only managed to read 21, well short of my goal.  To be fair in 2017 I left McKinsey to put myself through a Coding Boot Camp and built a bank.

Of the 21 books I did read, these are my top five:


Each of these books has made a significant difference in how I think or work.

How Google Tests software made me think differently about how code quality should be managed and how to use testers/QA.

The Mom Test helped me understand that asking people what they think about your idea is dangerous, as they will try to please you and tell you what you want you to hear.  The book provides tips and advice on how to avoid these biases.

Product Leadership is a great introduction to leading product teams.  I have used this to bring new product people and teams up to speed.

The Innovators Dilemma is a classic book about innovation.  Specifically, it forced me to think through the life cycle of products, and how I need to balance the discovery of new products with the delivery of existing products.

Value Proposition Design provides a great toolkit for thinking about businesses and product design.


I hope you get as much out of these books as I did.