March 17


What you could learn from ‘Smartcuts’ by Shane Snow (2016, 198 pages)

What makes some people wildly more successful than others?

In his book ‘Smartcuts’, Shane argues that there 9 things that super successful people do differently:

  1. Hack the ladder – do only what will get you to the next level, don’t just follow the standard track or other people
  2. Training with Masters – get better quality advice and feedback from a master
  3. Rapid feedback – learn faster by iterating faster
  4. Platforms – be the ‘go to person’ for something other people value
  5. Waves – learn which wave (opportunity), you may need to miss a few to wait for the right one
  6. Superconnectors – connect with people that know a lot of powerful and rich people
  7. Momentum – make sure you can capitalise on successes by having a plan to follow up
  8. Simplicity – the more people that understand it, the more people will use it
  9. 10x thinking – incremental improvements will not create the next disruption

Smartcuts is well written and researched book.  Read this book, if you want a consolidated playbook for super achievement.

Link to ‘Smartcuts’ on Amazon UK


There are some also other great points in the book:

  • Convince people to help you
  • Seeing other people fail is more likely to make you succeed
  • If you fail
  • Honest reflection of you contribution will mean that you learn faster (don’t take feedback personally)
  • Expertise is pattern recognition, but you can make better decision that someone with expertise through thoughtful land careful analysis
  • 47% of first movers fail, only 8% of follow-on moves fail