April 14


How you could use your American Express anywhere by Max Eskell

This post is more a life-hack than a post on learning.  However, this hack has really helped me control my finances and the most from my American Express (AMEX).

American Express offer great perks.  Among these rewards are Airmiles, hotel point or even cash back (this is a great site to find the best card for you).  The trouble is that a lot of places do not accept American Express.

Curve is a new type of credit card.  Launched by a startup in London, they provide you with a Curve Mastercard credit card (see photo above), which you can then link (using the iPhone app) to any of your existing debit or credit cards.  When you use your Curve card, it then bills your linked card as a purchase.  All the purchases I now make, even cash withdrawals, now get billed to my AMEX card as a purchase, meaning I get cashback on all of my spending.  The iPhone app also shows all of your transactions instantly, from all of your linked cards., it even allows you to link receipts and make notes (great for expenses).

I now use my Curve card for all of my purchases, both online and in the real world.  I have tried it over the last month and I am really impressed.  Not only does it allow me to use my AMEX everywhere, it has also improved how I track spending.